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Thread: Next Wednesday

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    Unanswered: Next Wednesday

    Help please....

    We have a reporting cycle of Wednesday to Wednesday.

    What I need is when an update is received ,I need the form to show the date of the next Wednesday coming


    If received on a Tuesday Wednesday then show this Wednesdays date or
    received after Thursday then show next Wednesdays date.

    Does this make sense?

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    Re: Next Wednesday

    This probably wasn't that clear.

    If an upate comes in on say a Tuesday (eg 20 Jan 04) then I want a field on the form to show Wednesdays date (eg 21 Jan 04).

    However, if the update comes in on Thursday (eg 22 Jan 04) then the field would be updated with the date 28 Jan 04.

    Is this better?

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