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    Unanswered: Replication over VPN

    I have a Delphi application that connects to SQL server 2K.

    Recently another part of the company wanted to use the application, but the connection between us goes through a number of firewalls. The only solution that I have been able to come up with so far is for the new users to VPN into the server to use the application, but this is a real pain for them.

    Is there an obvious alternative? No 're-write as a web app' please!

    I have thought about setting the remote users up with a separatae server and then merge replicating betwen the two, but that would require a VPN connection to allow the replication to work (I presume). How would that work? What would open the VPN connection and close it after the replication was complete? What would happen to users that were connected at both the main server and the remote one when the VPN link was started?

    Any thoughts gratefully received.....

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    Merge replication may require a complete redesign, unless your current design meets its requirements.

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    Does the other division need both read and write access to the database? If not, you could transfer backups by sneakernet if nothing else.

    Otherwise, talk to your network admins. It's their job to provide access through the firewalls for legitimate traffic. Better yet, get the head of the other division to expedite it.
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