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    Unanswered: SQL Laoder question


    I am in a bit of a dilemma.

    I am attempting to load a table from a file that is for the most part is fixed length. However, the last field in the file is an email address and ends wherever the last character of the email address ends.
    For example:
    .ctl file
    INTO table employee
    employee_no position(5:13),
    pay_group_ind position(1:1),
    company_cd position(2:3),
    union_ind position(4:4),
    first_name position(14:28) "rtrim(:first_name, ' ')",
    middle_name position(29:43) "rtrim(:middle_name, ' ')",
    last_name position(44:68) "rtrim(:las_name, ' ')",
    suffix position(69:71) "rtrim(:suffix, ' ')",
    gender position(72:72),
    address_1 position(73:102) "rtrim(:address_1, ' ')",
    address_2 position(103:132) "rtrim(:address_2, ' ')",
    city position(133:160) "rtrim(:city, ' ')",
    state position(161:162) "rtrim(:state, ' ')",
    zip_code position(163:167),
    zip_ext position(168:171),
    status_cd position(172:172),
    territory_no position(173:178) "rtrim(:territory_no, ' ')",
    email_address position(179:238) "rtrim(:email_address, ' ')"

    The last field is variable length. The file coming in is NOT comma delimited. Will the above code work or is there something I can use to specify that after position 179 to use the remaining bytes as the last field?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    have you tried without the position statement for the last column only?
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    After testing with correct data it seems that SQL loader is able to detect the end of the line and does not read bytes from the next record if the first record is short. Thanks anyway....

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