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    Unanswered: ASP Debugging


    We have this site that does online renewals
    We have 15000+ responses, which are fine - and lately we got calls of people who are having problems.
    They are going to a specific page and the screen gets blank and all it says is done in the status bar or the page closes. It’s about less than a half of percent of people who are having this problem, but still we need to find out what is wrong.

    I believe it has to do with IE and maybe the OS. I am trying to look into it.

    I do have:
    on error resume next

    I started at looking how I can capture error data
    I know at the end of file I can do
    if err <> 0 then
    and no err.line does not exist which what i really need
    anyway to find the line the error code is in when the browser crashes to record some data

    do i have to have client side debugging enabled ?

    can i do something with global.asa to help me ??

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    By going through your code you should be able to locate areas of possible errors, such as creation of com objects, connections to databases, accessing the file system etc. if you wrap error trapping routines around these areas you can locate you error without too much trouble.

    The problem with this approach is that if you have a long page that could end up being a lot of error routines.... so what you can do instead is divide the page into quarters using your error trapping routines. Basically place 4 error trapping routines into your page so each routine takes care of a quarter of the page. When you run it you should then be able to determine which quarter of the page the error is in. Then it's a simple matter of deduction.


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    Just an idea based on a somewhat similar experience.

    You may want to check that your Web form fields don't allow for more characters in each field than what the database itself allows.
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