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    Unanswered: Importing Numeric Values from CSV


    I'm trying to import a .CSV file into Access. One of the columns contains all numeric values, but I would like it to be imported as a "Text" column.

    Is there anyway to do this without having to specify it during import time? i.e., Access automatically recognizes it as a Text field?

    I have tried putting single quotations marks around it. This works, but the quotation marks are imported as well.

    Any ideas?


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    Is this import part of an ongoing automated process or is this a one time deal (or from time to time and you will do it manually)

    If it is the later

    Part of the process of importing (the Import Text Wizard) let you specify what each field data type is. Look for it and change the field type

    If it is the first

    Import the file into a temp table and then run a query wher you add the data to the permanent table and change the data to text at that time. You can also reformat you data then also.


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