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    Unanswered: ADO , connecting to public folders from ASP

    I am trying to connect to the Exchange public folders from an ASP page.
    I thought this would be fairly simple, however when i get to the open line i get the following error:

    "Object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was not found within the scope of this operation."

    Here is my code
    Set oRec = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Record")
    sUrl = "http://servername/public/public folder name
    oRec.Open sUrl

    it breaks out on the open, i am working on this for a long time and cant seem to figure it out. please can anyone give me a clue?????
    thanks in advance.

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    Hopefully this might give you some clues about how to connect to Exchange:

    Able Consulting - ADO Connection String Samples
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
    Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

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