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    Red face Unanswered: Help? cobol compiles using MICRO FOCUS

    Can anyone help? We have Solaris 9 O/S on a sun box with ORACLE8i installed. Also have Micro Focus Server Express. Have received some XXXXX.cbl files from a 3rd party which are to becompiled in order to eventually create executables so we can do some testing of an application.

    The third party advised that XXXXX.cbl files did NOT need precompileing so we just executed the COB compile statement via a command line (without any parameters to further define the cob command).

    The result of this is compiled files XXXXX.INT and XXXXX.IDY - we are now stuck and we cannot work out how we proceed using these files to create the required eecutable files.

    Anyone got any ideas or suggestions - they would be much appreciated.


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    Try to run
    cob -xv XXXXX.cbl
    this will create an executable file called XXXXX
    from the command promt you can run XXXXX

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