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    Unanswered: Export report to rtf issue

    I have a report whose record source is a query. (I can post the sql if necessary)
    When the report HAS records, the report is fine. I export it as an .rtf file. I then can go to where the file is, open it, and it looks fine.
    When the report has NO records, it still "Looks" fine in Print Preview, it Prints fine.
    When I save it as rtf, and go to look at it, the entire page Header is gone, as well as the Type footer info !!
    The only part that "Saved" was the report footer.

    I compacted the db, I created a new db and imported everything. Didn't help.

    I have attached a print screen of the report's design view and the code behind the report and the controls on the report.

    Can someone please suggest to me what is happening?

    The report saves fine with data.

    Thank you,
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