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    Question Unanswered: SQL Statements - Client/Server

    I'm just wondering, when a query executes the SQL Statements does it send the query to the SERVER for processing or does it merely fetches each and every row and the calculation is performed in the client machine on each and every record fetched???

    Or how is it done??

    The reason i ask is because my pc becomes really slow and sometimes hang when I process query with "Computed Items" or more complex SQL WHERE CLause statements.

    Anyone has any idea what I can do to prevent this 'hang-time' for my PC?

    BTW, I'm using BRIO as the query tool.

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    Re: SQL Statements - Client/Server

    Database queries are performed on the server. However, a "computed item" sounds very much like something that is performed on the client, processing records returned from the server.

    If the SQL performed on the server is slow, your PC will "hang" while it waits for the answer to come back from the server.

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    If the sql queries are processed on server-side, then why is it that my CPU utilisation is 100% (got the measurement from Task Manager->Performance)?

    Any ideas how to minimise this sort of delays?

    This SQL query only has one computed item, in the WHERE clause. But the record that it may fetch is quite huge.

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