hi all,

Normally, i connect to db2 database Server using db2 client on the client machine, while installing DB2 V8.1.4, Apache web server 1.3.20, PHP 4.3.4 script under AIX Machine 5.1.5, i wanted to connect from PHP script to the databse.

the only method menstioned in PHP is to use ODBC to connect to any DB system including DB2.

so, i followed the instruction how to build PHP binaries that support ODBC driver to IBM DB2, finally it works, but it seams slow compared with other Databases

i used the cursor type " SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC " in the connection string in PHP, i got this error:

[IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0150E Driver not capable. SQLSTATE=S1C00, SQL state S1C00 in SQLSetConnectOption in /home/web/db2_ORG.php on line 5
Connection Failed:

can anyone help ??