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    Exclamation Unanswered: How to retain the last value selected

    I have a database that I do JobCharges for. What my situation is, when doing the data input you first select the JobNumber from a ComboBox for the charge to be based against, then input all the rest of your data. My situation is that when I need to input the next JobCharge(record) and it is for the same JobNumber I have to go select that number all over again. What I would like to do it Keep the last JobNumber for the next entry if that is what is needed. Explain how I can have that same number appear again when it's time to generate the next record.

    thanks in advance

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    In a module copy and paste this code.

    Public Function RepeatLastEntry()
    SendKeys "^(')", True
    End Function

    In the DoubleClick event of the Combo Box add this line of code.

    Call RepeatLastEntry

    You will need to have a command button to add a new record for this to work.


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