I am trying to set up a form that incorporates an autofill. There is general information that I need to add to this form, but I have instances where I add Names and addresses for the same people constantly. To avoid typing this all the time, I set up an autofill to take care of the problem. I have a main table with all of my information, and I have a seperate table including the name and address fields. The name is my join. I've set up the query that focus the name on the main table (so that it references back to the Name/address table). In my form, the data comes up correctly when I enter in a name I've included in the name/address table, but i need to add names and addresses sometimes, and I am not being able to do this. It shows a message in my form that my Primary Index (the Name field in my Name/Address table) can not be null. I can't think of any way around this so that it will be able to reference the name/address table and automatically fill in the information. Any ideas?