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    Unanswered: problem querying three linked tables

    A bit of a beginner to all this database stuff, but I'm learning...

    I am trying to write an Access query getting data from three tables:

    - FileNumber(manually entered, primary key)
    - Attorney
    -ID (autonumber, primary key)
    - Name
    - ID (autonumber, primary key)
    - FileNumber (liked to the FileNumber of the tblCaseList)
    - Name (linked to the ID of the contact in tblContacts)

    Because a contact can be associated with several files, I set up the join table of tblFileContacts to link to the file number and to a contact in the contacts table.

    I am trying to pull a query with the following information:


    It works fine as long as there is a contact for the file number in the tblFileContacts table. If there is no contact, it does not pull that file.

    Is there a way to pull the file number and attorney while leaving the contact blank if there is none?

    Thanks, sorry for the duplicate post, I accidentally hit return twice while writing this
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