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    Please can some one list out the pros and cons of Temtec Executive Viewer

    Hi all

    Guys could u please list some of the strengths and drawbacks of the two reporting tools mentioned below. Especially people who have been using them. U dont have to know both of them even about one of them is OK.

    Informatica Power Analyser Vs Temtec Executive Viewer

    will appreciate ur help

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    Defining ANSI join condition in Informatica Power Analyzer


    I am not sure if this is the right place to post a thread. I am new to and I don't know where to post a new thread.

    Here is my issue,

    We are using Vertica as our reporting db, which follows ANSI SQL standards.
    I am trying to create ANSI join condition while creating a Schema in Informatica PowerAnalyzer.
    In custom joins option, I have selected type of join.
    In join condition I simply mentioned the condition with '=' operator. But it is throwing error.

    If I define the condition with (+) and = operators ( Oracle compatible code), its working.

    I would appreciate any input on this.

    Thank you,

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    I suspect you may struggle to get an answer here, unless someone happens to know Vertica. My guess is that you will get a better response from a forum which supports vertica
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