I have recently converted from SCO to Linux (Red Hat) and upgraded 4GL to version 7.31.UC3 with SE. I notice now that there is a delayed reaction to the escape key. In fact, what seems to be happening is that on pressing escape (within an INPUT statement) it executes the code but does not repaint the screen as needed. A second press of the escape key will cause it to wake up.

In my screens I use on key(esc) as a "go back". At the first field of a screen, I code it to leave. This problem is causing unintended exits since the first esc puts the user at the first field (in the code) but the user can't know that since the appropriate display actions do not take place. Thus, the user invariably presses esc again and exits the program.

To complicate this slightly, the whole problem seems to occur only on the second attempt. That is, the first time escape is used, it works correctly. The second time requires two presses to get a screen (though not a code) response.

One further piece of evidence: I also use isql and isqlrf. In isqlrf, if I do a query, I need to press escape twice to cause it to display the result of the query.

Any help would sure be appreciated.