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    Unanswered: Transfer OrderEntry DB to the Net?

    I am currently about to undergo a redesign of my Order Entry system. Access2000
    Eventually I want to have it on a Web page.
    Right Now I have users who take orders from clients who purchase tickets to
    Events all over North America.
    The database is working OK but I want to clean it up and make it work even
    better, consequently I am undertaking a redesign to add some features.
    Eventually I am going to want my clients to be able to order their own
    tickets via the WEB.
    I have created Web pages before with FrontPage mostly, but never an order
    entry system.
    And I have never worked with Access via the WEB.
    Can someone point me in the right direction.
    What should I take into consideration.
    Do I put my Access DB on the Web.
    Where can I get some good FREE advice to start with before I start paying a

    Thanks for Any Advice.

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    Interesting Project

    Your server has to "speak" the database that you're using. So unless your host provider has MS Access installed on the server (very unlikely), you won't be able to write to or from your Access database.

    However, there are other options:

    1) Choose a host that uses MS SQL Server and use the upsizing wizard (with some tweaking as necessary to fix things afterwards) to transfer your Access database to MS SQL Server. Then you provide that database to your host provider to publish as necessary. Your instructions may vary depending upon their implementation.

    2) Use an opensource database using all the things you learned with Access to create a database that IS commonly supported on the web. The most obvious is mySQL. Do a google on it and you'll find stuff all over the place. It's free so you should be able to get what you need (tutorials, guidance, etc.) on the web.

    3) There is the MSDE engine that can be installed on a web host (or db server at your host). This provides you with the SQL Server engine (again you have to upsize your MS Access database) to house your database but you can use Access as a front end to manage your data. You get the advantages of the more robust database architecture and can still use Access where you're most comfortable.

    I've oversimplified most of this but it gives you a start, I think.

    My advice: don't use Access for a distributed web database.

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