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    Unanswered: update records error

    I've got a form on which I use a combo box to assign the value to the textfields... I want to allow user to edit the records in the database using this form.

    it works fine... but for some reason, I get this message:

    "The Data has been changed

    Another user has edited this record and saved the changes before you attempted to save your changes

    Re-Edit the Record"

    pls advice
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    You are updating the current record through code and record locking is throwing the message.

    Remove the recordsource of the form and do not reset it in code. You could also use a snapshot recordset on the form since you are updating using code functions.

    Not sure what your live form needs are.
    More info if this does not help.

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    the purpose of it, is actually meant for users to update the branch information through this form.

    thanks for the help to solve the problem. the error is due to the record source set in the form.

    thanks again --> Bravo
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