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    Unanswered: Positioning an added column...

    how do I position a newly added column in the table?
    the default is at the very end.

    what would I have to add to this code:

    ALTER TABLE Vehicles
    ADD Model varchar(55)

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    you can not change the position of the newly added coulmn from QA, it can only be done through EM. But why would you care to change the sequence of the columns? it is to be taken care in the query.

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    I never seen such a command before, I don't think there is...
    What is the diff???
    The sequence of the columns in the table is not the finalize version...
    You can still use "select statment " to position your columns for viewing.

    Else if you really want to do it, do it through Enterprise Manager, design table, in between the columns you want it to be position, right click and click "insert column".
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