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    Unanswered: How to catch error and retry AFTER dts script step has ran


    i am trying to figure out how to check for failure or success AFTER the script task has ran.

    its a piece of cake to write script logic that runs before the task but how do i check things and decide to retry AFTER a script task has ran?

    i want to check for an error after a large table replication and if it detects that there was an error i want to RETRY.

    dts does not seem to have this one specific piece of functionality. am i overlooking something?

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    alright... i am closer to figuring this out although the solution seems a bit complex.

    the WROX book that i bought on DTS "DOES NOT EVEN COVER THIS TOPIC" . it covers reactive error handling but doesn't say a word about proactive error handling.

    i have a java programming background. can anyone see this from my point of view and give me a hint?

    this reminds me of using the "onStart" and "onLoad" methods of ASP programming but it doesn't seem to be quite as simple to use...

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