I have a problem that I cannot fix and am growing increasingly frustrated - If someone has any advice that would be fantastic. The Filemaker Company people do not know the answer.

Scenario: I have a database that I have assigned two passwords to - a "master" password that can make changes across the whole platform and another which allows people in my office to browse records without making changes ("user").

I am wanting for those "users" to make changes to one individual field. So, I went into access priviliges, clicked passwords, clicked on "user" password, clicked "edit records" and then "limited". At that point I have to put in a boolean formula. The field I want them to be able to change is called "fileokpk", so I wrote in fileokpk = 1, hoping thsat this would allow them access.

It didn't work. Those using the "user password" still can't make changes.

I think my boolean is wrong (I am an Economics grad so please don't hold against me).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much