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    Unanswered: Putting an Access db online?

    Hi all,
    I have an MS Access database that has been built previously. It contains a nifty user interface that automatically loads when you run the .mdb file in the Access application. The tables are all created and work well.
    I need to put this database online to share it with some other offices of my company and justify getting more budget to expand it.

    Do you know of a web application that I could use to easily put the database on the web (on a web server)? I'd like to use the interface that is already in there and make real-time queries to the database via a webpage.

    Something I could download for a free trial would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    You have a number of options

    Running the back end on a web server and the front end on a local PC is too bandwidth intensive and is not a good idea.

    Option 1: You can Zip the file and put it on a site FTP or HTTP for download any bit of free space will allow you to do that. If you go to the Installshield website you can download a free (Express Version) of their installation program that will give a certain edge to your package. The down side will be that there will be no central data store.

    Option 2: ASP! Asp or ASP.NET which can be very much like the VBa you have been coding with if you use VB-Script will allow you to connect web forms to the database and give an on-line website like access to your data. I understand that the Dot NET package allows you to create healthy connections between online and local content. The down side is that you will need a new front end (HTML and ASP) and a good ASP host running Windows (Apache ASP require PERL or sometimes J-Script).

    Option 3: Keep your front end and use SQL server as the back end. This allows you to move you Queries to the back end as well as a lot of the logic layer (The logic layer is the code that makes choices for the user etc ie the "business" logic of the system). You can add lots of pre written functions to the SQL server that removes a lot of the need to send bulky data-loads back and forth. SQL server files can be created from MS Access files using the upsizing wizard. The down side is once again you need Windows OS web space with SQL server this tends to cost about 200 to 550 a year depending on what else the package has.

    Conclusion: I have assumed that you have split the database (use the database splitter wizard for this) as that allows the front end to change without editing the data part and updates do not mean loss of data.

    If you just want to do option one then QuteFTP would be a good option to use if your host allows FTP access. It can be obtained legitimately from
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