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    Question Unanswered: SQL 6.5 truncating transaction log

    Recently I start working with SQL 6.5 server on NT4 (sp6)

    Before me someone make abnormal reinstallation of this SQL server.
    after that server need to be restarted every day

    On the database edit window I have seen that Avaluable Log Space is 0
    and in the course of working with device have seen that device definition
    is erroneous. the path to file is different from the name of file,
    i.e. in device defined (D:\aaa03_log) and actually present file

    and as result every operation on device get the error.
    I have change the name of the file to match the sql device definitions but
    first this don't helped.
    I have added new device and expanded the database log on it, but Avaluable Log Space remains 0.
    After a number of restarts I noticed that old erroneous device is now
    become visible and I can work with it, for instance expand it. But Avaluable Log Space remains 0 and in the sql monitor I also see that log occupied 100% of avaluable space.

    May be transaction log located with data and I just can't see that ?

    There is option on database edit window: Truncate transaction Log
    and I want run it. The organisation don't interested in log. main thing is that the data will be safe.

    Is it the right thing to do?

    Tanks to everyone who can help
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    Re: SQL 6.5 truncating transaction log

    Originally posted by Yakov
    Recently I start working with SQL 6.5 server
    How I feel sorry for you...let me count the ways...actually there's no time, the blue screen of death is quickly on the March...

    You really DO need to worry about the tranny logs...but let's say you're blowing the log out (sheepishly he recalls those days).....yes you can truncate the log...BUT...why? Are you deleting millions of rows? If so, try TRUNCATE TABLE..

    Is this Db OLAP or OLTP?

    EDIT: Damn I have to fix the grannar (see what I mean?)
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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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