I would like to create a standalone database application to help in the outlining of large projects (i.e. screenplays, novels, etc). Basically it would have to be a standalone .EXE capable of dealing with large amounts of text (for different scenes), include tree views of all data, and able to export/print the data in an organized way (for starters).

The closest thing I have seen to what I am trying to do is a program called 'Power Structure. Of course, it isn't EXACTLY what I want to create. If anyone feels kind, or interested enough, to take the time. Here is the site where you can download the 'Power Structure'
demo. It will give you a good idea of what I"m trying to do.


I have looked into creating this program in Delphi, Alpha Five, and a few other pieces of software. Unfortunately, I don't know enough yet to make an educated decision on which to use.

Could someone recommend a program/language that could accomplish what I am trying to do, and that may be a easy enough for a beginner.

I'm more than willing to throw myself into a new program, I just want to make sure it is the right one to use before I dedicate most of my time to it.

So, if anyone has the time, please take a look at Power Strucutre and tell me if I am insane for even attempting to go down this road. If I'm not insane, then please just point me in the direction of which program I should use/learn in order to accomplish this goal.

Thanks for any advice, I really do appreciate it.

-Mr. Delaney