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    Exclamation Unanswered: Table Acces Full Problem

    I recently added a new datafile to temp tablespace TEMP in my ORACLE DB. But I constantly get TABLE ACCESS FULL tablename in red status when I wiew the explain plan on my toad, and the wait time to do any transaction to that table is long. What could be the problem? What else do I need to look for?

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    Re: Table Acces Full Problem

    Is your table indexed?

    Is your table analyzed?

    Is your query optimized for the index?

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    All that and "why did you add a table in your temp tablespace? I would think you would not want a table in the temp space.
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    Provided Answers: 1
    1) No Operating System (OS) or version mentioned.
    2) No version of Oracle specified
    3) No actual query shown
    4) No actual EXPLAIN PLAN displayed.
    5) No explanation why additional TEMP space was deemed necessary.
    6) No quantification as to the actual duration of "is long".

    >What could be the problem?
    Possibly the lack of appropriate index but too few details to be sure.
    >What else do I need to look for?
    I suggest you look for a clue or two by RTFM at

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    I am just plain confused by Ricardo's post.
    You add a datafile but make no mention of adding a table but you state you have table problems.

    How about we start over and supply some better info as Anacedent eloquently put it.
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