I am trying to write an IIf statement where the true part contains an In() function. When I put the In() function in the criteria my itself, it works fine. But when I put that same exact In() function as the true part of an IIf statement, it gives me nothing. For example:

In("Bob", "Bill", "Brian") <-- returns the correct result

IIf([Forms]![Student Info]![Select Letter] = "B", In("Bob", "Bill", "Brian"), [Student List]![FName]) <-- returns nothing

The rest of the IIf statement is correct because if I use the following criteria as a test:

IIf([Forms]![Student Info]![Select Letter] = "B", "Brian", [Student List]![FName]) <-- returns "Brian" the correct result

Is there a certain syntax I need to use when putting an In() function in the true part of an IIf statement? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.