I want to import tables from one DB to another. I have Macro1 that “transfers” the tables. Prior to the transfer, Macro1 renames the original Table1 to Table1_Bak; then transfers (imports) Table1 from a second DB. The reason I'm importing instead of linking is because the table is used on a laptop in the field.

Under most circumstances, Macro1 works fine. However, if for some reason the network connection is unavailable, the first part of the macro is executed but is able to complete. Therefore, Table1 is renamed to Table1_Bak but the new Table1 is never imported. Without Table1 in the DB, I’m in trouble.

My question: Is there a way to test for a network drive (maybe if some specific file is available). I want to run this via a macro. Maybe the macro could call a module that runs the test, if successful, executes the remainder of the macro.