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    Unanswered: Unable to login SQLSrvr 7.0 with 'sa' user


    I am running into a problem loggin into SQLsrver 7.0 using 'sa' account but works fine admin account(NT acct)

    I have installed sqlsrvr 7.0 on win2k - server standard edition. Installed SQLserver using NT domain account. I have created a username 'sa' with admin previleges. When I try to login with sa, login fails in the enterprise manager. ?

    I tried to re-install the server7.0 using local account, again unable to login with 'sa' account in the enterprise manager

    Appreciate if you could shed some lights on this issue

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    Don't really remember SQL 7 , haven't touch it for a long time,

    Err..did u install it in mix mode? Mix mode= Windows NT Authetication and SQL Server Authetication.

    "SA" is a SQL Server login, and u must enable SQL Server & Windows Authetication before the "SA" password can work.

    If using SQL 2000, u can go to EM, on the server name node, right click->propreties->Security->Authentication->Select "SQL Server and Windows radio button".

    It might be abit different in SQL 7, but give it a try.
    Patrick Chua
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