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    Need help: Implementing Database Structure

    Can somebody suggest a best approach to Implement the database structure.

    We are in the process of developing different Web based applicaitons running at different locations. Application and database is planned to maintain at one location. The application are devleoped based on the locations business and thier process. I mean to say the business and process are different at each locations, of course there may be few data/information same at all the locations.

    The applciation is built on iterative model. we foresee lots of changes to the data/table structure in future

    I foresee number of changes in the table structure in the future for applications running at one location.

    My problem is should the organization go for multiple databases for each location or single database for all the locations.

    I need to come up with some architecture so that
    1. Application should not be difficult to modify in case of any change done to the table structure
    2. Avoid hard-coding in the application
    pls let me know, Is it good idea to few tables for one application and few tables for another application and so on.?
    Pls suggest an approach that can ease us in future enhancement and modification to the applications

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    There is simply not enough information provided to give any advice.

    What is the database meant to do?

    What are the applications meant to do?

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