I'm using a MS Access program with a SQL 6.5 DB. (linked tables, using an ODBC driver). I now have the need to port one of the applications to a Win98 (Dell) PC. however, when the user logs into the application, it requires a separate login for "each" table touched by the program, making this application virtually unusable. (Usually a single login is sufficient. I've done this before by using msQuery to attach to the DB with the desired login info.)

Someone suggested that I modify the code to do a tabledef at login. Although this makes sense from a security point of view, this application has only two users and that seems excessive.
Is there a simpler way to make a change within the ODBC driver to ensure a persistent login?

BTW - I cannot update the ODBC driver to a newer version because this causes other programs accessing the same server (different DB) to break.

Any suggestions?