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    In a galaxy far, far away....

    Star Wars: The Fang Saber

    Greetings DB Forums. Colonius here from Star Wars: The Fang Saber. As we have just started, we are in desperate need for new Members and Moderators. We would love to see you drop by and say 'hello'.

    Below, I have listed some details about the site. See if it's something you might be interested in.

    The Fang Saber is a creative mix of Star Wars and " Furries " (animals with anthropomorphic attributes--can talk; walk on hind legs, ect...). It is set in the Star Wars universe and in the time period of the 26th century. To get the full details of this thrilling adventure, please read The Fang Saber: Age of the Sith (creatively written by Chris Collins). It is the first book to of The Fang Saber Odyssey.

    Our Goal

    You know the feeling that you get when you are watching one of George Lucas' excellent films? It is like none other. It's a breath-taking, and almost a heart-stopping sensation. Well friends, that is our goal: To create a friendly and all encompassing environment. We want Star Wars to come alive in your computers and imaginations. In The Fang Saber, you will find a new, exciting world that will captivate you time and time again!

    To register your free account at, click on the link below:

    So come on in and stay awhile at!

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    The feeling I get when I watch one of George Lucas's Star Wars films is "I wish the last one I watched was the last one I watched".
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