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    Unanswered: ntext + nvarchar - will this improve performance?

    Hi all

    I have a table that contains an ntext column for storing values up to a couple of Mb in size.

    However, I estimate that 95% of the values stored in this ntext field will fit into an nvarchar(4000) field.

    Is it worth me having both fields in the table?

    i.e. For rows where the values < 4000 characters I would store the value in the nvarchar column. Otherwise I would use the ntext column.

    Can anyone confirm whether this technique would increase performance given that ntext values are sort of stored separately to the rest of the table data?

    A colleague of mine is an Oracle DBA and he mentioned this technique is fairly caommonly adopted in the Oracle world.


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    You need to check out the 'text in row' table option.

    sp_tableoption N'MyTable', 'text in row', 'ON'

    When enabled if extended data (like ntext) can be fitted into unused row space it will be, rather than written to seperate paging.

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