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    Producing certs using different programs

    Hey all,

    Can anyone point me in the right direction...

    I have certificates that I produce in Adobe Photoshop 7. The graphics remain the same, but personal data changes with each different certifcate. Essentially it is a form page just in Photoshop.

    The data is held in an Access database. I'm wondering if there is a quick way of getting that data from the database into Photoshop so it is laid out correctly?

    For example, with some of the data, I have to copy it from the database, paste it to Excel where the cells have the correct formatting, and then copy the Excel cells into Photoshop and position it correctly. It works but is very time-consuming.

    Also with the person's name on the certificate, I have to type it out in Photoshop each time.

    Is there a way I can control different programs e.g. with Visual Basic and run macros to do the lot??


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    Couldn't you use access reports to do the certificate? It would really depend on the graphics in the certificate of course, but you could probably get something pretty close to what you want....

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    Hey rokslide - ty for replying

    To chuck a spanner in the works, the database is online (using VB ASP) and I was hoping I would be able to click a macro button and have a macro do it's thang.

    Downloading the database to my PC first and the producing Access Reports is a good idea. I would have to print blank certificates first (i.e. with all of the graphics) and then print the Access Report over the top. The only problem with this (but it's not a big one) is that the name on the certificate also has some Photoshop text effects on it (looks a bit flat otherwise).

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial for Access Reports?? Or a good way of doing it without having to download the database first?


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