I have a form that list all my members names and addresses. I want to select an Alpha button , A,B,C, - Z, and have the form display only the members last name start with selected characther, A,B,C,-Z. I got the idea from the Northwind sample db "Contacts". I imported the form and macro into my db but I cannot get the alpha buttons to work with my table. On selecting an alpha button I get the following error:

Microsoft Access cannot find the macro "Members Phone List" The macro (or the macro group) don't exist or is new but hasn't been saved. Note that when you enter macrogroupname.macroname syntax into an argument, you must specify the macro's group the macro was last saved under.

Does this mean I need to recreate the macro and save it as "Members Phone List".

The current macro is named "Contacts Phone List. Can I rename this macro?