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    Post Unanswered: PHP working with SESSIONS

    Hi dudes
    I am facing a situation such as I am an administrator of a site which has lots of users registere and doing lots of stuffs. Now I am in the part say manage users, where I can see all the users registered in my site. Now I have an option to login as this user and check his works. This can be done if I am loging In in the same page (The session variable can be reassigned with new values and later switched back), but I need this to be opened in a new page and I don't want my present administrator's login to get expire.
    When I try to unset the sessions and reassign the values with a new one in a new page, I got my old login expires, If destroyed the same problem, I have initialized a new session but this also does not work.

    Please help me out.


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    Well since you're resetting the user session variables to new ones, of course the old ones (your admin account) is going to disapear until you re-login. The only way (off the top of my head at 6:30am) I see at the moment is to have sort of a second set of variables for a second user and a _GET variable that designates that this is a second user login and have the second set of session variables be used/set based on that _GET variable, then when you close the window, your back to a normal URL and the old session vars.

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