Hello. When I was working with the Analysis Manager example from the Tutorial I came through an error and I don't know how to continue.
When I make the "Scenary" dimension in the "Budget" cube, I must use the "personalized formula defined with MDX" and create a new column in the "category" table called "Category_Formula". After that I follow the steps from the tutorial and finally I make the storage design. The error (07001) appears when I try to process the "Budget" cube, and it doesn´t process.
I know that the problem shows up when I add the new "Category_Formula" column, but I don´t know the solution. I have tried it with an existing column and it works. Why it doesn't work with the column I create? Is there something else that I am missing to do when I create the new column?
If somebody could help me I would really apreciate it. Thank you.