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    Unanswered: mass mailing list

    I hope someone out there has an idea of how to do this.

    I have a msaccess 2000 db which tracks volunteers and the hours they've work, etc. Based on the volunteers status (i.e. active and leave of absense) I send out mailings via US postage.

    To cut supplies cost, I need a query or some solution that will combine volunteers that live in the same household. For example, Bob Johnson and Jenny Johnson are volunteers and husband and wife. I need to send one mailing to the household instead of two seperate ones. The mailing labels should look like this....

    Bob Johnson
    Jenny Johnson
    11105 Lost Nations Road
    Cleveland, Ohio 44118

    I can post my db if need be. Thanks in advanced!


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    Re: mass mailing list

    You will need to join the table to its self as an alias. Join on Last name
    and City or Street. Something unique just in case you have someone that isn't married or related that may have a last name. This will be your list used for the couples and then you will need a list for non couples. Create a union to append them both together and then run your report. This isn't a great way, but will work.

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