Database: SQL Server 200
OS: windows2000
JDK 1.4.1

I'm looking for a good example that can sort of walk me thru the code of setting up a resultset from a stored proc. I've found a few, but it's not quite what I need.

So, I have a stored proc written in SQL Server. I want to call that stored proc and pass it two parameters. Both parameters are Strings. Each row in the resultset will have a combination of ints, floats and Strings. Currently, I get an error message saying, 'Could not find Stored Procedure 'Weekly_Load_Accuracy_Report'. I'm attempting something like the following code snippet:

//at this point, I already have a connection to the db
CallableStatement weekly = null;

try {
String storedProcQuery = "{ ? = call Weekly_Load_Accuracy_Report (?,?) }";
conn = ds.getConnection();
weekly = conn.prepareCall(storedProcQuery);
weekly.registerOutParameter(3, Types.INTEGER);
// String IN parameter
weekly.setString(1, fiscalWeek);
weekly.setString(2, DPC);

//ResultSet rs = (ResultSet) weekly.getObject(1);
ResultSet rs = (ResultSet) weekly.getResultSet();

while (
System.out.println("Test result = " + rs.getInt(1));

Using Query Analyzer, I can invoke this stored procedure, passing in the 2 parameters and I get data back just fine.