Access 97

When clicking between a form and subform of a subform, I am not receiving events in the second subform as expected.

I've got an existing application that I am updating with a new custom toolbar. This toolbar has been added to the appropriate forms as a subform, and is nothing more than a tab control with numerous tabs. Two of the tabs have subforms, both of which point to the same form object.

There is a combo box on these two subforms with a KeyDown event that scrolls the combobox to the first item beginning with the letter of the pressed key. This works without difficulty.

If I click on any button on the main form, and then click in this combobox and type a letter, the KeyDown event of the combo does not fire and teh typed letter appears in the combobox. If, however, I switch to another tab and then back again on the toolbar, then click the combo and type a letter, it works as expected.

How can I insure that entry into the combobox fires the KeyDown event, regardless of where the focus is on the main form?

Thank you so much for any suggestions or assistance you can provide.

Mark N.