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    Unanswered: Access can't create anymore controls ??!!

    I have three functions:

    Function BreakOut(prmSearchString6 As String) As Variant '///////////// Counts the first 4 letters of INSP //////////////    
    	BreakOut = DCount("[INSP]", "[qryQualityStatus]", "left([INSP],4) = '" & prmSearchString6 & "'")
    End Function
    Function BreakOut2(prmSearchString2 As String) As Variant '////////// Counts first4 and (Fixed OR Rej are True) ///////////    
    	BreakOut2 = DCount("[INSP]", "[qryQualityStatus]", "left([INSP],4) = '" & prmSearchString2 & "' And ([Fixed] =True OR [REJ] = 'Y')")
    End Function
    Function BreakOut3(prmSearchString3 As String) As Variant '///////// Counts first4 and (Fixed OR Rej are True) and DateClose is not null ///////////    
    	BreakOut3 = DCount("[INSP]", "[qryQualityStatus]", "left([INSP],4) = '" & prmSearchString3 & "' And ([Fixed] =True OR [REJ] = 'Y') And Not IsNull([DATECLOSE])")
    End Function
    I use these functions on my report..

    I have over 700 control boxes that look like this..

    label....label...........TXT box..................TXT box.....................TXT box

    ME22..Closure......=BreakOut("ME22")....=BreakOut2 ("ME22")......=BreakOut3("ME22")
    ME23..Testing......=BreakOut("ME23")....=BreakOut2 ("ME23")......=BreakOut3("ME23")
    ME24..Question....=BreakOut("ME24")....=BreakOut2( "ME24")......=BreakOut3("ME24")

    Access does not allow over 775 controls i think.. and that is the reason i'm getting the error ..
    "Microsoft Access can't create any more controls on this form or report.. try renaming the form or report..."

    I tried renaming but still getting the same error..

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way to write this.. since it is impossible for me to go the route I am on..

    thanks for your help

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    Once I had a form with about 460 controls on it, and had the same error message, then I made a new mdb file and copied the form there, then I could add more controls.

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    thanks for the response...

    I actually did try what you suggested.. and it worked until i had about 700+ controls.. i did some searching and the max amt of controls allowed are about 775.. give or take..

    so now im stuck..

    open to different solutions..


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    Maybe split it into batch reports? It's not the prettiest way to do it.. but it would get the job done.

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