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    Unanswered: Oracle Report builder can't creat temp file

    Here is the error I am getting, in Windows XP. Where can I set the temp folder/file environmental variable, or where does Oracle hold the temp file by default.

    The problem I have is I am running 20 computers with 9i DB and Developer for a school and the users of the computers do not have admin rights. With Admin rights I do not have a problem. I just need to find where the temp folder resides and give permissions to logged on users.

    REP-0118: Unable to create a temporary file.
    Cause: Report Builder tried to create a temporaryfile but couldn't do so. The possible causes of this error include the following:
    Case 1: The environment variable that determines in what directory to createtemporary files is set to an invalid directory.
    Case 2: There is not enough freespace on the disk to create the temporary file.
    Case 3: A temporary file thatcannot be modified already exists.
    Action: You can take the following actionsto correct this error:
    If Case 1: Set your environment variable for temporaryfiles to a valid directory.
    If Case 2: Free up some space on your disk.
    If Case3: Remove the existing temporary file, if possible

    Thanks in advance.

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    It depends.
    It might be using the environmental variable REPORTS_TMP

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    Do you know where I can check on the variables, test and change them?

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    I found it it was in the registry as REPORT_TMP. It was going to a Documents and setting folder that was restricted. I moved it to another folder all done..

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