Have an MS Access 2000 database using linked tables to a Informix backend using the ClientSDK product to provide ODBC/DAO.

Am trying to consolidate employees from 3 different databases into a single separate table for corporate wide application.

If I define a new database and link to the table (using aliases) using system wide DSN's everthing is fine. Can query the tables individually fine. As soon as I close Access and reopen it the first table works fine. The second and third table bring up the DSN window with the user shown as Admin and not the user specified in the DSN. If i override the user it works fine.

The DSN checks out fine in the Administrative Tools and have checked the registry for the odbc.ini and that is correct.

Tried to trace the connection but does not seem to make any sense to me. Have attached it incase somebody can decypher it.

Have trawled the web but cannot seem to find anything relevant.

Any ideas would be appreciated.