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    Wink Unanswered: Ms Access Linked Tables wrong User

    Am using an MS Access database with linked tables to an Informix backend using the Informix client SDK for connectivity.

    I am trying to link 3 tables of the same name from 3 different database for a corporate application.

    When i create a new database and link the 3 tables all is fine - can query quite happily. However when I close the datbase and reopen it the first occurence of the table is fine but the second and third tables bring up the DSN window with the User Id showing as Admin and not the one specified in the DSN. If I override the User Id all is well.

    Have checked the odbc.ini in the registry all is well - have the tested the ODBC setup in administrative tools an all is well. Tried a trace on the calls - have attached if someone can decypher. Have trawled the net but to no avail

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    For the second and third table, do you have the same UserName and Password as in the first table?

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