I'm having a problem linking (as a linked server) a MySQL DB on a linux box into Enterprise Manager on a Windows (XP Pro or Win 2000) box. SQL Server is on the XP Pro and Win 2000 boxes.

I have installed the MyOLEDB3 provider and I am able to bind to the MySQL Database. I can see the table names, catalog, etc. But when I right click on any of the tables I only get 2 options, "copy" and "help".

I researched this and found another post here at dbForums (link at the bottom) and I have done everything it has said to do, but I still can't view the data.

I definitely have rights to do since I can view in MySQL and thru ACCESS using ODBC (using that ODBC connection returns the same limited results in Enterprise Manager) so that's not the issue.

I'm able to view the data using query analyzer, even though it's quite fragile failing on nulls and variable length character types.

Just not through EnterPrise Manager.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,