Hi All (Again),

Im getting really stressed now. Let me tell you good people my problem. I have servers running SQL2k. I install SP3 (used the slammer patch previously to protect them).
I wait while installation completes.
I get the message SQL SP3 installation successful. I go to Query Analyser and to About - version 8.0.760 (sp3), excellent.
Next I type select @@version, I get 8.0.534 service pack 2.
Whats going on here?

I have about 519 servers that are imaged the same, so I have this problem 519 times. When I go to my own machine and run the SP3 I see that after the initial copying of flies etc that 7 scripts are executed. Then after this I check the version on my own machine and it s perfwect, 760 every where, About-Help, Select @@version andthe ssnetlib.dll version. All good.
By the way the 519 ssnetlib.dll's on the servers are not updated either.

Has anyone seen this before? If you can help me I may not pull all my hair out... And its cold out side!~!!