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    Unanswered: Free Simple Access Database?

    Hi All,

    I have to do an assignment in Visual Basic, essentially putting a front-end onto a database. The lecturer said that we can use our own database if we have one, but he will provide one that can be used.

    I want to use my own database so that the forms etc are not all the same as everyone elses... Can anyone point me in the direction of a pretty simple, populated database, with only a few tables that I could possibly download and use.

    Thanks for your help

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    Use the available database creation wizard and use one of the many templates. Once made, modify it the way you want it to look and feel. Does'nt get any easier than that.

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    I've got a free sample Access database (and Word mail merge) that you can download from my site and possibly use as a starting point for your database:
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
    Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

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