When i try to design SQL Server database objects i receive blw messenge:

The Visual Database Tools within Visual Studio 6 and Access 2000 do not support some new features of SQL Server 2000. Because you are manipulating an object in a SQL Server 2000 database, some operations will be unavailable to you. In rare cases, you might not be able to save the database object you modified. In other cases, you will be able to save the object, but its previously existing settings for features new to SQL Server 2000 will be lost. In most of these cases, you will be warned if the Save operation will eliminate existing settings or property values.

For a complete description of the interaction between SQL Server 2000 and Visual Database Tools within Visual Studio 6 or Access 2000, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q266277, "Using Visual Studio 6 and Access 2000 Visual Database Tools with SQL Server 2000." Knowledge Base articles are available in the MSDN Library Visual Studio documentation or at http://support.microsoft.com/support/.

To supress this message next time you design a SQL Server 2000 object from Visual Studio 6 or Access 2000, check the following box.


Following informations provided in article Q266277 I updated my Office Professional 2000 (english version) to SR-1a and also updated Office with SP3 patch which normally includes Office 2000 and sql server 2000 readiness update ... However my adp is still bugging unabling me in fact to design objects from access or to use upsizing or any other add-ins ...

Please can someone assist as in the past i used to do only sames updates and get every thing working smoothly...