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    Unanswered: Prevent combo box value change

    I have a form with a combo box used to list names. What I want to happen is that initially a person selects a name from the combo box enters relevant details in other fields on the form, but when they move on to a new record the combo box doesn't change so still shows the name selected in the last record. I want this to continue until a record is selected that has already been created and that has a different name entered, in which case the combo box will show that name, and will continue displaying this name for new records until again another name has already been entered, and so on.

    I already have the combo box setup so the value selected is entered in to a table, but whenever a new record is created the combo box is blanked off.

    Is this possible?

    I am a newbee when it comes to VB coding so if this is required please try to explain what each step does.


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    you can make a hidden textBox and store the ListBox.ListIndex, the user has chosen, then in the event Form_Current() change the ListBox.ListIndex to the value stored in the hidden TextBox

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