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    Unanswered: SQL Server failed to start after changing the machine name

    hi all,
    i am using SQL Server 7.0 . After changing the machine name the sqlserver is not starting. if i changed the machine name to the old name the server starts as usual. is there a solution for this problem. where can i change the machine name in the sql server configuration. so as to start it correctly...

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    INF: Frequently Asked Questions - SQL Server 7.0 - SQL Setup

    Q. When I try to start SQL Server 7.0 on Windows NT or from a Windows 9x Command prompt, I receive the following error:
    Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or had been tampered with (unknown package id) Please rerun setup.
    When I attempt to start SQL Server 7.0 on Windows 9x using the SQL Server Service Manager, nothing happens. What causes this and how can I resolve it?

    A. This error message appears if you have renamed the Windows computer on which you installed SQL Server 7.0. SQL Server 7.0 uses the Windows computer name internally; if you change the Windows computer name, SQL Server detects a different name and generates the error message.

    NOTE: Your data has not been corrupted or damaged in any way.

    To resolve this error and start SQL Server again, do either of the following:

    Run SQL Server 7.0 Setup from the original product CD. Doing so will not reinstall SQL Server or any components; however, it will update SQL Server 7.0 internally to reflect the new Windows computer name. You also need to update SQL Server's internal servername by running the following two stored procedures:

    sp_dropserver <old_name>
    sp_addserver <newname>, local

    If SQL Server is configured to listen on either the Multiprotocol or NWLink IPX/SPX network libraries, you'll need to remove them, and then add them back using the SQL Server Network Utility.
    Change the Windows computer name back to the original name it had when you first installed SQL Server 7.0.

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