I tried to use the Transfertext method using the schema.ini file and just can't get it working?

Tiext file: RawFile.txt

schema.ini file:

ColNameHeader = True
CharacterSet = ANSI
Format = TabDelimited
Col1=DATE Date
Col2=TIME Date
Col3=DATA_1 Double
Col4=CDATA_2 Char Width 255

I already have my file.txt and schema.ini file and both are under the same directory or folder? But I still can't get it to work with Transfertext method working?

I have tried theses:

DoCmd.TransferText acImportFixed, , "RawFile", "C:\My Documents\RawFile.txt"

DoCmd.TransferText acImportFixed, , "tbl_SDV", "D:\My Documents\MyFolder\RawFile.txt" (Error said that I don't have the specification name specified?)

DoCmd.TransferText acImportFixed, "C:\My Documents\schema.ini", "RawFile", "C:\My Documents\RawFile.txt" (Error : Run-time error '3625':
The text file specification 'C:My DocumentsSchema.ini' does not exist. You cannot import, export, or link using the specification.)

I've tried every possible way and still have nothing????
Please help?????