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    Unanswered: Sybase Ase 12.5.1-create_function ???

    As I just learned (but I am still not 100% sure) in ASE Sybase 12.5.1 (or in an earlier version) there are no normal User Defined Functions (except Java Fucntions). In Oracle, MS SQL Server this is standard.
    Is there any workaround for that ? They told me that you can use Store Procedures, but this is not the same. I want to create a user function that I can use in my SQL statements over o column.

    Can anyone assist on this ?

    Thanks in advance !!!

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    Only using the JAVA module, since ASE 12.0

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    What are you trying to achieve with the user defined function?

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    Re: Sybase Ase 12.5.1-create_function ???

    In Sybase there are multiple ways of doing it, depends where/how you are trying to use it

    BTW: I would say, the oracle function is pretty much the same as STP just with limited options and way of executing it.

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